Report Distribution Facility

Regular reports are vital for the monitoring and control of business conditions. But in many cases, the production of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports puts additional demands on administrators and employees. With so much business travel and work done out in the field, report accessibly and deliverability can also be an issue.


Report Distribution System is a solution that consolidates and stores all reports from any back office core system and output content into a secure, central repository, enabling cost effective access and enabling cost-effective distribution and access to these reports via a single user interface on a corporate report portal.




Convenient to use, no training required

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Report portal provides single point of access to all reports
  • Provides secure search, viewing, download and print functions


Saves time and hassle

  • Reduce workload of the business core system
  • email notification
  • Take several tasks off your to-do list, such as compiling data, assembling end of period summaries or board books, translating complex spreadsheets and distributing reports to stakeholders.


Cost savings

  • Reduce core application system licensing cost
  • Go ‘Green


Enhanced security and maintain compliance

  • Availability of audit trail to ensure all access to reports are logged and traceable
  • Delivers reports to predetermined users and user groups according to access matrix
  • SSL support for secured transfer including digital certification
  • Reports stored are encrypted and data privacy enhanced




View reports on single user interface

  • Single Sign On - Single access to reports via a single web user interface
  • Improved navigation capabilities, online viewing


Increased visibility of company’s reports

  • Electronic reports are pushed to users’ dashboard daily
  • Convenient access to reports via web browser or tablets
  • Reports are easily organised by reporting cycles (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)



  • Control of access to reports based on approved access rights
  • Secure storage and retrieval of reports in compliance with Bank Negara Malaysia RMiT
  • Auditability – all accesses are logged and traceable
  • Delivers reports to predetermined group and according to security rules