Output Management System


Output Management System is a solution consolidates and stores all reports from any back office core systems and output content into a secure, central repository, enabling cost effective access and distribution of the reports to all employees, customers, and partners. 

The best output management solution help reduces the problems of printing, storing, and distributing large quantities of reports.

No stocking of pre-printed forms
Electronic filing, documents can be retrieved from anywhere and anytime
Fast and easy to change document / report layout
Reduce operational overhead costs
E-distribution through fax, email, printer and so on
Document ready for online presentation on web
Text and Graphic Substitution

External files containing text and graphic data can be inserted at run-time, allowing departmental changes without redesigning the form

Comprehensive Data Conversion

Transformation of information such as part numbers, serial numbers and dates to barcodes and use of MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for cheque printing

Individual Document Customization

Intelligent subject lines, names, signatures, pictures and icons can be added, or individual messages attached to any document can be designed and customized to individual preference

Identification and Splitting Properties

Accurate identification and generation of multiple documents using a single stream of data

Archiving Capabilities

Maintain short-term records of outgoing documents with archives, allowing document tracking and, where necessary, quick resubmission upon delivery failures

Multiple Language Support

Full Unicode character support means that customers can understand the documents despite language barriers