With the proliferation of Eco-friendly environment, studies indicate that more customers are embracing electronic documents or e-Statements / e-Bills as a ‘green’ initiative to benefit the environment by reducing paper consumption, waste and physical delivery.


Printed Statements are often one of the main points of contact between company and its customers. Statements, unlike other forms of mail are usually opened, read and stored, making them an attractive marketing vehicle. However, with the rising cost of postage and manpower, increased mobility and with companies always looking for ways to reduce operation cost and improve speed of document delivery, there is no better time to move customers away from hard copy printing to electronic Statements. This is in line with many companies’ vision to be in the digital business.


The role of Output Management System (OMS) is to perform the job output or template design, taking data from back office core system and passes the data onto electronic forms for printing, electric distribution (fax, email) and storing.

It provides an exact replica of paper statement, allowing customers/ merchants to easily view and print both current and historical statement from the company's web portal, anytime and anywhere when needed. In conclusion, OMS helps enhanced customer services and a reduction of cost through electronic and secure delivery.