Business Process Management


Business Process Management (BPM) is an intelligent forms automation solution that enables organizations to automate documents and forms driven processes using electronic forms and workflow capabilities for improves efficiency control.

Improve Business Performance
Reduce and Manage Risk
Accelerate Business Decisions
Enhance Customer Service
Real-time Process Monitoring and Reporting
Create Better Results
Form Designer

Supports distributed form design with the ability to easily create and publish rich online forms

Process Designer

Allows business users to logically map the flow of a particular forms process with little or no coding required

Monitoring and Management

Compelling monitoring and management features that protect your investment in processes, enforces compliance requirements and provides greater visibility into an organization’s business

Digital Signatures

Supports digital approving forms that require signing capabilities for low-risk transactions, i.e. vacation requests, performance reviews, and engineering change orders

Securely Connect People, Process and Information

Securely connects the enterprise and geographies with information and process, whether inside or outside the enterprise firewall

Enterprise Scalability and Connectivity

Suitable for high-performance, small footprint, embedded workflows, and scales with features such as support for LDAP, distributed workflows, fault-recovery, and persistence to all databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.