CloudD DMS

CloudD is an all-new software as a service version of document management system (DMS) for small and medium-sized of company and departmental usage in enterprises. It is a cloud-based application to help you digitize all the documents. CloudD software support multi tenancy and all access to the services required login credentials. CloudD allow customer to upload, store, search, retrieve and share document. Document indexing is supported to allow searching of desired documents stores without delay. By using CloudD, the company can streamline business process by increase efficiency, productivity, and savings.  

Centralize document & content
Prevent from document loss
Enhanced document security & control
Easier retrieval
Time savings
Reduction of operational cost
General Features
  • Multi tenant /Site/ Department Management
  • Storage Control
  • Access Control 
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Audit Log
  • Intuitive Dashboard 
  • File recovery
  • Notification
File Features
  • File/ Folder Management
  • Storage Control
  • Favorite
  • File Search
  • File Access control
  • File comment 
  • File Versioning 
  • File Sharing