ICM Framework


InfoConnect Information and Content Management (ICM) Framework delivers 3 key strategic business values to organizations : Business Continuity & Compliance, Reduce operation cost and collaboration of information. The framework provides 7 pillars to achieve these values.

Supporting InfoConnect’s ICM Framework is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the organizations, ranging from capturing document and data at source to applications / forms processing, approval, generation, update to core / back office applications and feeding data into data marts for business performance monitoring and reporting.


InfoConnect’s ICM Framework delivers significant business values to organizations:

  • Drive intelligence into every process, channel, line of business and department by leveraging on data collected within & beyond an organization’s firewall

  • Improve business outcomes through enhanced decision making supported by information & insights

  • Boost revenue streams through quality customer services & innovative product offerings

  • Increase operational efficiency across different departments

  • Enhanced transparency, compliancy & accuracy across operations

  • Leverage on technology to reduce operational overhead costs

  • Reduce paper usage in supports to preserve the environment